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18 Oct 14 Dave Allen on Religion

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The late great Dave Allen tells about his first day in school, and being told about religion.

18 Oct 14 One Bar Closer To Humanity

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I love my smartphone, I really do. Phone calls? I make very few. However, it’s a pocket computer that’s just about always online. I make use of it. I snap pictures all over the place, as I love photography anyway. I use Facebook and I tweet too. I’m often an early adopter of new Social Media tools. Still, I like to strike a balance. I like to stay aware of what’s around me, and enjoy the real world.

As the guy says in the video, sometimes the battery running low is a good thing for some, as then you’re one bar closer to humanity, for real.

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13 Oct 14 God Only Knows

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Money from this video was  raised for Children In Need

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