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The future is yours to create, if you choose so. The moments to come are yours. Let no one steal them from you. Guard them with your life, because that is exactly what they are.

I’ve been hearing about this blog stuff for a whil…

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I’ve been hearing about this blog stuff for a while now. I hadn’t got a clue what it was about, and I was pissed because I had to re-install this Windoze shit at 3am so the rest of the home network was running in the morning….. God help me, if the wife can’t get email or chat when she wakes up!

Ok, so it’s 3.13 am as I write this, so I aint gonna write much at all really. I’m not tired, but if I don’t go to bed real soon, I’ll never sleep and I’ll feel like total dog doo all day tomorrow. I hate early mornings, but don’t mind late nights, but I have to try and be sensible here!

That’s it for now then…. now to upload the first post….

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