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I’ve been doing a little of that this morning.

Started off with coffee (of course). Then waded through emails; archived many, acted om some; deleted others. Got the Inbox under control though.

Started work on some web projects.

Hot Bread
Bread Book
Got hungry mid morning. Went to kitchen, then remembered run out of bread, and didn’t make any yesterday. Found a left-over baked potato in the refrigerator, along with some left-over steak.

Cut it up, and fried it along with an egg, for brunch.

While I was at it, got some bread underway in the machine, and also got some meatballs into the crockpot along with some tomatoes, and sauce for dinner.

Eat food, did the dishes, went back to the web work. Now sitting here typing this and getting a waft of that hot bread smell….

World’s Longest Pier

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The Pier Why the sudden rash of photographs from England? Well, quite simply I was going through all my photographs, and I found a few that I might be of interest to you, dear readers, who come from all over the world, in any case.

Also, I guess I wanted to show that the good ‘ole US of A doesn’t have the biggest of quite everything!

Southend Pier Lifeboat StationThere’s been a pier at Southend since 1830, when the local Aldermen decided that one was needed as many boats bring Londoners down river couldn’t call there due to the mudflats, particularly at low tide.

The original wooden pier was replaced by an iron structure in the 1870’s.

The pier has an interesting history, having suffered a number of major fires; a threat of closure in the 1980’s, and requisition by the Royal Navy during World War 2. There is now an RNLI lifeboat station at the pier head, which was built in 2000.

Southend Council are currently promoting the pier as part of its tourism drive, and for the time-being at least its future looks safe.

Oh, the length of the pier? It’s 1.341 miles long. For the metric heads, that’s 2,158 meters. It’s about a 25 minute walk.

Deceptive Look

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It’s quite an imposing building, and it’s tied to one of my all-time favorite breweries, Fuller, Smith and Turner of nearby Chiswick, but alas, it’s a dire place to drink, particularly at night.

About the only good thing you can say is that it seems to keep the rabble out of the much nicer, and smaller, and less imposing North Star on the other side of the street (behind and to the right of where I took this photograph.