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I have to be honest, I got a little behind.

I was going to sit down and write. I got doing 101 other things. I got working on re-installing the system on Kathy’s The lowcountrycomputer for a start, and by the time I’d run various checks, AV software, anti-spyware, and rootkit detectors, that tok up quite a while. In between that I was getting a show ready for NAB radio, and also getting things together for the community meeting last evening as well.

Time is one of those things that there usually never enough of. There are those rare occasions, when there is way too much of it, like when waiting in the doctor’s surgery, or for the bus. The bus? Yes that great even, when you wait 30 minutues for a bus that’s supposed to run every 10 minutes, and three turn up. I think that’s because only the one in front knows the way.

ASD Bus at UpnorActually having driven buses – those big red double deckers even – I can vouch for that last statement to be completely untrue, as a rule, it’s simply the traffic. Car drivers never ever want to let a bus or truck out in front of them – unless they’re a bus or truck driver themselves, and then they let every darn person on the road, and the surrounding neighborhood for miles around get in front of them. Usually when your driving the bus behind them, and you’re running late.

Anyway, I digress. I never did get around to writing more yesterday, as we had yet another HOA meeting last evening, which was surprisingly peaceful, and then once I got back here it was on with the NAB Radio show.

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Picture Shuffle

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I changed the images in the header at the top of the blog.

For your interest the four pictures are:

  1. The Pier In the Ashley River At Charleston, SC, USA at Sunset, photographed from the River Bank near to the Joe P. Riley Stadium
  2. Aylesford Village in Kent, England, taken from the old Bridge across the River Medway.
  3. Alligator sign on the river walk,  at the rear of Front Street, Georgetown, SC
  4. Me, Myself, I.

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And that was Monday

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This morning I got some more images up at Imageshack. Now I’ve got a flickr account, and had it for some time. I like flicker a great deal. But I find Imageshack is great for a quick and dirty approach.

ImageShack’s mission is to provide an easy-to-use image hosting service.

 So I’ve started using it for blogs, as I don’t really need full size imaged up there anyway.

This afternoon I got to work on a community video project. I’ve got the video shot, and spend time editing the clips and adding some background music to it, to try and make it a little more interesting for site visitors. I’ll post a link when it’s all done and ready to rock ‘n’ roll!


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