Grass Fed Beef In Charleston

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This just in from River Run Farms…

Spring is here and with it comes green grass, fat , and farmers markets, at least for us. We hope this note finds you all well and we just wanted to let you know our market schedule. On , we’ll be back in downtown Charleston at Marion Square beginning this weekend April 11th, 8AM-. On Tuesdays beginning May 12th, we’ll be in Mt. Pleasant on Coleman Blvd. from till . And new this year, we’ll be at Daniel Island on Thursday beginning April 30th from 3PM till dusk. We do so look forward to seeing our market friends again.

Incubator Farm

Carolina Farm Stewardship defines an incubator farm as an which leases a portion of land to beginning farmers giving them access to equipment and expertise while freeing them from huge start-up debts. It’s a type of mentoring program to encourage new farmers who have lots of desire, but not a lot of capital. Les and I are pleased to announce that we’ll be doing just that with a group of three young men calling themselves the “Lucky Co-op.” They will be producing pastured on our farm beginning this Spring. Our cows will keep the grass at the right height and vegetative state not to mention providing lots of bug to scratch away at. The chickens, in turn, will fertilize the grass for the cows. It will be that we so strive for in a sustainable system. We’ll be offering support, but it will definitely be these guys: Michael, Justin, and Nathan’s enterprise. They hope to have products for sale by June. If you want to offer encouragement you can reach them at

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  1. Gail,

    I'm just posting the information I received from River Run Farms.

    To find out more here are their contact details:

    River Run Farms, grass-fed beef , catfish filets
    Farmers and Growers
    L.Ray & Les Oliver
    Vance, SC 29163
    Phone 803-897-2580

  2. I forget what product it is that is supposed to really devastate the land when it comes to beef farming. I want to say it is wheat over grass, but I can't remember.

  3. I truly believe that grass fed is the way to go. Not only does it taste so much better, its healthier too. I highly recommend my client, La Cense Beef who offers a great selection of Grass Fed Beef that is very tasty.

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