Lightroom 4

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If I have one regret about purchasing Adobe . I wish I’d done so sooner! It really does make organizing one photo library a much less onerous task.

I’ve had a Flickr account for a few years now, and it’s not been easy trying to sync what I’ve uploaded to the service with my on-disk library. Lightroom changes all that, with a simple plug-in.

picplz_20110602_00002401436_originalMy photographs come from a number of sources. My first foray into the digital world was with a 2 MP Olympus C2040Z. For the time and price it took rather good photgraphs, but of course none were in RAW, which is the format in which I now shoot all my photographs with my Canon Rebel XSi.

Also, I’ve had a number of cellphones over the last few years that took photographs of varying quality. My current phone, a Samsung Galaxy Note takes very acceptable images, but only as jpg.

Fortunately, although Lightroom is primarily designed for use with RAW image files, it will handle jpg, and png files with ease.

Of course, one still has to put in some work! Right now, that’s on on-going project here. Adding location data to all those photos that don’t have it, and also adding meaningful tags. Tagging is an important part of using Lightroom, as it allows the finding of photographs at a later date based on searching those tags. One can also search on other parameters too, of course, such as location, or one can filter searches, based perhaps on the camera used, or in the case of modern DSLRs, even the lens used to take the shot.