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Reading certain sections of the media has led me to believe that everyone’s buying tablets and smartphones, a few people are buying laptops and , and the netbook is to all , dead.

However, I notice a few netbooks on sale in Curry’s in the local high street, and glancing around in Starbucks, now as I type this, I see that four out of five people in my are using netbooks, not including myself.

Acer Aspire OneI’ve had this Acer Aspire One for almost four years now, and it’s still going strong. Last year I replaced the battery, and took the opportunity to buy a larger one. This gives me 6-7 hours life, and tips the machine forward, so I have a better angle to type.

This is, of course, too slow, and the screen too small to do serious work on. No, I’ll correct that statement. It’s too slow and too small to do serious work on for very long, but it can do just about anything I need it to do, except play or edit HD video.

My with a 17.3 inch screen is better for tasks like that, but it’s too big and heavy to carry in my work bag, along with everything else, and in any case, the battery only lasts about an with typical use.

I really did get a good deal with this little machine too. I purchased it from as a refurb. Because of that, it came with only a 90 day , but as I only had to shell out 200 green backs, and it’s still going strong I’m certainly not complaining.

Looking at those High , that are around £240 – 300, I must admit I’d think twice about another; I could spend another £100 and get a laptop with a better specification. Still, its portability has served me well, and as I really don’t get on with on-screen keypads, is a better option for me than a tablet would be.