Bomb Blast killed over 50 in London

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4 explosions in London between 9 -10am this morning, killed over 50 people. There were 3 explosions on London’s Underground, and one on a double-deck bus.

Let’s hope the scum that carried out these cowardly attacks are found and bought to book.

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  1. Pink Floyd – Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd – 1343%
  2. The Who – Then and Now – 863%
  3. Annie Lennox – Eurythmics Greatest Hits – 500%
  4. Dido – Life For Rent – 412%
  5. Razorlight – Up All Night – 335%
  6. Robbie Williams – Greatest Hits – 320%
  7. Joss Stone – Mind, Body and Soul – 309%
  8. Sting – The Very Best of Sting & The Police – 300%
  9. Travis – Singles – 268%
  10. Madonna – Immaculate Collection – 200%

Source: HMV

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File-Sharing networks

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The US Supreme Court hands film and music companies a major victory in ruling that file-sharing networks are liable for piracy by users.

The implications for this could be far reaching. What happens when someone sets up a message board or a blog, and someone posts a pirated file?

What if someone simply posts a link to the location of a pirated file?

I am not condoning piracy in any way, but I see that this ruling could make internet users scared to post any links to anything for fear of prosecution.

Anyway, what about that famous 1984 Betamax ruling? The one that Sony won, after it had been sued over charges that it’s VCR machines allowed piracy? Isn’t that a very similar scenario?

To this day, one can use audio and video recording equipment to make copies of almost anything one wishes, and with the advent of digital hardware – i.e CD and DVD re-writers – perfect digital copies can easily be made.

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