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I’ve made quite a few changes recently.

I’ve changed the template on this blog. My goal was to have a clean fluid 3 column display. The previous template was neither fluid nor 3 column. It certainly looked clean enough, but at a fixed width of 770 pixels it’s fine on a 15 inch monitor running at 800 x 600, but not on today’s bigger, higher resolution monitors running at 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024 or even 1600 x 1280.

I’m running a 1280 x 1024 display here, and as a web designer myself, I’m painfully aware of all the lost screen estate with such a fixed width template. FIxed width is great for those sites that need to have images in a fixed place in relation to the text, but as a blog is largely text, with perhaps an image or two clearly attached to the article it was posted with, this isnt’ usually a problem

The Gilla template I found is just the job. It’s clean, and tidy. It adjsuts to the width of the display, and it’s got a right and a left hand column. I like it very much, and I hope that you like it too.

Please feel free to leave any comments!

The Kat & Eye Photo Gallery is coming along nicely too. Uploading the photgraphs is the easy bit. One has to take a little thought over the album structure. It’s not set in stone, but I’m trying to make it something a little intuitive. I’m probably failing miserably at that, becuase there are so many ways to arrange a multitude of photographs from various parts ofthe world taken of various subjects at various times.

Again, please feel free to leave comments about the Kat & Eye Photo Gallery, either here on in the gallery itself.

The Kat & Eye Wafflebox has also been updated a little with the menus now available in no less than five other languages other than English, namely, French, German, Spanish, Esperanto, and Welsh. If you’ve not been in, go check it out. It’s free to use. You need to sign up, and validate yourself, but this is a quick painless process. This is just to ensure that we don’t get too many fruit loops posting silly items and upsetting other users. There are a number of areas in which you can post, and if you’d like to start a new area to suit an interest of yours just email one of the moderators there.


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Contemplating writing

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I’ve been busy the last few days tidying up some of the sites I’m working on, and starting some new projects. I’ve not had a lot of time to sit here and contemplate blogging. I think contemplate is often the correct word to use here.


I like to have a few minutes to sit back, relax, chill, and think about what I am going to write. Sometimes I decide that I’ve nothing worth saying, so I don’t. Occasionally, I have a lot to say. No, that’s not true, it’s not a question of having a lot to say, but more a question of having something interesting to say, that I can put down here on the screen, that folks might find perhaps a little interesting to read. That has got to be the art of good blogging.

That is, I am sure what makes the diffrence between a common or garden blogger like myself and a journalist. Many folk think that once they’ve got a blog set up, that they automatically become some kind of journalist. Well in a way you do, in that if you’re recording your thought and events in your life, or writing about something you feel passionate about then it’s a journal, so you must be a journalist!

However, in the professional sense of the world, I don’t consider myself, and many other people like me, to be journalists. I don’t have the art to be interestingly wordy about many subjects. It is surely an art to commit interesting words to paper about anything. We’ve all met the university lecturer that is an expert in their field, but puts over the information in such a dry way, the whole room is bored after a few minutes.

When I was in school, I didn’t care for history much. I didn’t think I did. Looking back, though, I always enjoyed reading about how things used to be, and about epic journeys and adventures. However, we had a history teacher that was so boring, that the subject became almost a punishment.

“Page 212, Shrubkins” he’d say.

No that was not the name of one of the boys in class. That was the surname of the book’s author. One of us would get to read the first parapgraph, then another boy until we’d read enough out loud. Then teacher would ask questions. You had to really try hard to stay awake through all this.

Since I’ve left school, I thoroughly enjoy reading history, expecially post industrial revolution social history. I’ve read a lot of European history, and lately I’ve been turning to American history. Europeans think that the American continent doesn’t have a history. Well, that’s not true of course. It does, it’s just that no-one was here to write any of it down until around 450 years ago.

But hey, a lot happens in 450 years!

Although I tend to smile to myself when I see an historic site marked up alongside some US highway, that ends up being only 120 years old, it IS still history, and often very interesting too. I, for one, find 20th century history very interesting – a lot of social change has taken place in the last 100 years. The American continent has had as interesting a 20th century as anywhere else in the world.

Anyway, on that note I must take time out tomorrow to go to our excellent local library, and get some new books to read.

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Picture Post

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I now allow posting of pictures up to 1MB insize , which is more than ample to post a full-screen size jpg of reasonably decent quality, without too much compression.

I shall monitor this facility to make sure it’s not abused. Please do not upload anything obscene or objectionable – it might not offend me, but it might offend some of my visitors, so nothing you wouldn’t want your auntie/granny/mother to see. This isn’t meant as a photogallery or library site – there is a gallery for that at The Kat & Eye Photogallery You can register there as a user, and create your own albums.

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