Wrongful conviction

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You have to feel for this guy. Read his story at the link below.


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Another reason for Britain to quit the EU

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Medellin, a Mexican, was one of five gang members sentenced to death in 1994 for raping and murdering two teenage girls.

Last year, the ICJ in The Hague ruled that his and a number of other convictions violated the Vienna convention, which was ratified by the US Senate, as at at least one point he was not allowed consular access.

Part of the protocol requires the ICJ to make the final decision when citizens of its signatory nations have been jailed abroad, specifically if they have been denied access to a diplomat from their own country.

The US recently withdrew from that section of the treaty, thereby ensuring the ICJ would no longer have powers of enforcement.

The US state department said it was not appropriate that an international court should reverse the decisions of a country’s criminal justice system.

However, what does Britain do when faced with any similar rulings or rulings from the European Court? They bow over backwards and give way to the faceless bureaucrats in Brussels every time.

Although many people complain about the way that the US goes about some international issues, at least the US stands firm and is keen to stand firm on issues within it’s own borders, and doesn’t give way to some bunch of wishy washy namby pamby bleeding heart liberals from another country.

Another reason to get out of the EU. Let Britain rule Britain.

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Happy Birthday, Adam!

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Hope you have a good one!

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