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This evening I finally got around to installing Gallery V1 – well 1.41 actually. I downloaded it a week or two ago, and was trying to get a round tuit.

A round tuit is something that often eludes me.

Anyway, I installed it, and I’ve spend a few hours uploading some photogprahs. There a lot more to come. I very much like that it has an RSS feed, even though I don’t think anyone is taking a feed from me right now!

If you’d like to check out the Gallery go to the link in Eyebeemania, or even here

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I only went to get a beer

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I was chatting on irc. I do that from time to time, although a lot less lately than I used to as I don’t have the time…
Anyway, I was commenting to someone in California that I would have enjoyed happy hour this evening. I pointed out that it wasn’t worth going on my own, as I couldn’t really drink if I was driving.

Anyway, I mentioned it a few more times, and thought aloud about going to the local store for some beer. In the end I grabbed my billfold and keys and set out the door. Now the ten year old oldsmobile car hasn’t been started for a few days, and it’s getting a bit stubborn in it’s old age.

I sat on the driveway for a good fifteen minutes, and it didn’t want to go. The starter was making weird noises, and except for two or three backfires it didn’t want to go.

I was about to give up. The store is about 3-4 mins away, but about 25 mins walk. I wasn’t that desperate for a beer, so if it hadn’t started I have called it a son-of-a-bitch a few times and go back indoors. I tried one more time, and it burst into life, well struggled into life. I sat revving it a little, which I wouldn’t normally do, but it was threatening to die.

I set off to the store. On the way I noticed a police car heading the other way, blue lights flashing. I thought little more of it. I got to the store choose some beers, and a big bag of chips, paid for it. It took 2 or 3 goes to get the car to fire up again, but it did, and I set off back home.

When I got back, it was like a scene from one of those cop shows. There were four police cars outside the house, blue lights flashing. There were cops all over the place with flashlights. I parked on the grass at the side of the house. I was going to park there anyway, as when Jude and Kathy got back, I wanted them to be able to park on the drive way proper and there is only room for two cars there.

An officer walked over, and apologizing for blockingthe drive, asked it it was my house. I told her I lived there, and she said they had had a report of noises like gunfire and like a general disturbance. I told her I’d only been out a few minutes, just went to the lil’ cricket store. I said I’d been outside for fifteen minutes before that trying to get this old car to start. I hadn’t heard anything I told her.

Then I thought to mention that the car did backfire quite a few times.

“That’s it!, she exclaimed.

She called out to her fellow officers that the noise must have been the car backfiring. I apologized that they’d come out for nothing, and they said that was ok, better to be safe than sorry.

I went in the house. They all drove off. I never thought that going out to buy a few beers would cause so much trouble. I opened one.

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That Wedding

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Check out the deadbrain link above, and find out why The Queen won’t be going to Charles and Camila’s wedding.

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