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Open Sesame

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An excellent appetizer of eggplant with tomato, mozzarella and fresh basil drizzled with a balsalmic reduction, was followed by a fresh ground burger with herbed cream cheese, fontina artichokes, mixed greens and tomato. All washed down with Buffalo Bill’s Orange Blossom!

Open Sesame

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Last evening I had an Italian burger at Sesame in North Charleston.

It was very tasty, with blue cheese and basil, and with some of their excellent home made steak fries and home made ketchup, it made a great meal.

Open Sesame!

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Burger & Sweet Potato Fries It was a birthday treat. I could go wherever I wanted. Choices! Choices! I decided on Sesame Burgers and Beer which is located at 4726 Spruill Ave,  in North Charleston.

I’ve heard plenty about it, but never got around to going there.

Like many places, it doesn’t look anything special from the outside. However, once we walked through the door, we got a warm friendly welcome, and invited to sit wherever we wanted. We choose a small table at the rear.

I’m not usually interested in sweeter items (save for cheesecake), but the Fried Red Apple With Goat Cheese Salad on the specials board looked interesting so I plumped for that. Kathy went for the Mussels in White Wine Sauce.

Coast Hopper IPAI’m always on the look out for different beers, and there are certainly plenty to choose from at Sesame. There are a number of bottled beers on offer, both domestic and overseas, and draft beers too.  I went for a Coast HopArt IPA, which is brewed locally, not more than 2-3 miles from Sesame itself. It was a good flavorsome brew with plenty of hoppiness, as the name belied, balanced with just the right amount of malt flavors.

The salad was excellent. Wonderful peices of crunchiness with soft apple inside that was just the right texture, and not to sweet or too sharp. It was complimented perfectly by the goat cheese, and plenty of fresh dark green leaves. No watery limp iceberg here!

For the entree, I decided on the New Zealand burger, which was a half pound home made burger (as all their burgers are), with slices of beet, and pineapple and cheese. I chose not to have anything else with it, as the salad, although being an appetizer was quite filling in itself, and I decided to share the Sweet Potato Fries that Kathy had along with her burger.

Cheesecake The burger was cooked just as I like it, juicy and not at all overdone. The Sweet Potato Fries were in fact quite delicious, which almost surprised me, as I am not a huge fan of that particular vegetable.

To finish I had a wedge of their home made New York Style Cheesecake which was quite heavenly.

All in all a great meal, with great service. The total bill including the drinks was $50.