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Hot Dog

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This hot dog from The Lofty Turtle in East Sheen, is rather darn good.


The sausage comes from Armstrong’s Butchers on Lower Mortgage Road.

42 Seconds

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It took 42 seconds…

  • Leave Chair
  • Go to refrigerator
  • Take out hot dog
  • Put in Microwave
  • Cook it
  • Put Ketchup and mustard in bun
  • Add cooked hot dog
  • Eat it

The Daily Plate

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Blew it out of the water a bit today. Went for All You Can Eat Brunch at Parson Jacks. I ate all I could too. Had a pint of wonderfully yummy Hot Dog Barley Wine to wash it down too.

Never mind there’s always tomorrow. I’ll be good then!