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Hot Dog

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This hot dog from The Lofty Turtle in East Sheen, is rather darn good.


The sausage comes from Armstrong’s Butchers on Lower Mortgage Road.

Sunday Breakfast

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A change is as good as a rest, it has been often said.

Kippers!So this morning, instead of the regular bacon and sausage fry-up, we decided to have something different.

Tomatoes & Mushrooms Kippers are simply smoked herring, but they make a tasty alternative, particularly when you don’t have them very often.

To go with the kippers, we pan-fried some tomatoes, and some mushrooms.

Kippers & Egg We also thought we’d be healthier with the eggs this weekend, so instead of frying them, we got a pan of water boiling, dropped in the eggs, and poached them.

Along with a pot of freshly ground, brewed coffee, it was a most enjoyable breakfast.

Now if only, kippers didn’t have so many darn bones!

Here’s hoping y’all have a great weekend.


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