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Hot Dog

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This hot dog from The Lofty Turtle in East Sheen, is rather darn good.


The sausage comes from Armstrong’s Butchers on Lower Mortgage Road.

Taste of Paradise

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Pineapple, Orange and Coconut JuiceNipped into Asda today to get a few basics, like bread, butter and lunch meat. Picked up some hummous, and some pita bread too, which is a great snack in my opinion.

I quite often buy juice, although I tend to look for the ‘not from concentrate’ stuff. It might be more expensive but it tastes a whole lot better.

Lovely Stuff

Anyway, I grabbed a litre bottle of Asda’s own brand ‘Pineapple, Orange and Coconut Juice’. When I got home, I didn’t want to wait until I’d drunk the OJ I have in the refrigerator already. Nope. My mum used to make me do that when I was a kid (quite rightly really, I know), and now I’m a big boy, I’ll do as a damn well please thank you.

Anyway, it’s really yummy. Very morish. How morish? I drunk it all.

A whole litre of it in one go. It’s only five hundred calories. Anyway, it’s gotta be a better five hundred than junk food.

A Taste of paradise indeed. Fiji comes to Hounslow. Well, perhaps not, but you get the idea. I’ll have to get me some more real soon. Perhaps I should go to Fiji too.



Out Of Town

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Ina's HomeIt’s the first time we’ve had the opportunity to get out of town for a weekend for a long time,  and as we were looking forward to meeting up with our friends again anyway,  it was good to get away.

No, we didn’t fly anywhere. It was only 100 miles, well that’s what the GPS said, but the odometer was around 93 when we turned up the drive.

Well it’s not really a drive, it’s across the field. It was dark so I was very careful in case there where any landmines. Not real landmines but enormous great holes to bottom out on. There weren’t though.

The Pee DeeWe got there in pretty good time, after stopping for some food and drink on the way.

I almost always forget something, and this time was no exception. I got out the camera, and I’d forgotten to put the SD card in the darn thing.  (when I got back home, I found I’d left it on the living room table). So all the photos that I took, were with my Blackberry, which is ok in good light – for a cellphone at least.

It was quite dark, so we just enjoyed a snack, and a few beers, and turned in for the night.

Fried Chicken & CabbageThe next day we took a short walk down to the Pee Dee River, which is about a mile away. It was a most pleasant afternoon, and it was good to be able to walk around in the countryside. Much as I enjoy living in Charleston, I always prefer the country to the city.

We got back home, and grilled out in the evening. Pork chops and a hearty salad went down a real treat after that walk.

Sunday,  we went into Pamplico for brunch, and had some excellent ham and friend chicken, accompanied by cabbage, and beans. It was an ‘eat all you can’ buffet, so I did.

Slight panic on the way home. We were low on gas, and we seemed to drive for miles and miles before we found a gas station that was open, and in the process we took a wrong turning, but it didn’t really take us too far out of our way. Only downside was that it made us too late to get to the Amazon Grill in Goose Creek for the Lowcountry Bloggers meetup, before everyone else went home!

All in all, it was, of course, good to spend time with good friends, and it was good to take some real chill out time and relax. I actually didn’t sit at a computer all day on Saturday, which is a first for me for a long time!