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T-Mobile UK USB Broadband Stick in Ubuntu

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I went into my local T-Mobile store because I wanted to get set up with a PAYG mobile broadband solution for my netbook. Sure, I can find wi-fi hotspots about, but that isn’t going to work when I want to go sit in the park on a spring afternoon.

T-Mobile USB StickAnyway, not only could the store not tell me if their sticks worked with any Linux distribution, but they also told me that once I bought a stick, there was no Linux support from their helpline, and no refund.

I was on my own.

Well a little research, and this is such an easy solution.

Fire up your netbook.

Using an alternative means of connecting to the internet, do the following:

  1. Open a console.
  2. Cut and paste the line below:
sh -c 'wget http://www.betavine.net/repository/bcm_lucid_install.sh -O /tmp/bcm.sh && /usr/bin/xterm -e sudo sh /tmp/bcm.sh'

Let it do its work; it will install the Vodaphone connect Manager.

Then plug in your T-Mobile USB Stick, and fire up the installed VCM. It will find your stick.

Click on connect. You’re done, except for one more thing. You need to go to the T-Mobile site http://t-mobile.co.uk/payperdayhome and set up your first day’s top-up.

That’s about it. Any Questions, drop me a line.

Clear Out

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1GB Maxtor Hard DriveThe first PC I got had a 30MB, yes MB hard drive. The second PC I got had an 80MB one; and when I bought a 528MB one, I thought it was huge. Today’s item of no use is this old Maxtor 1GB drive. I can’t think of anything I can use it for – even my smallest USB stick is twice this capacity. So out it goes!