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Bunny In The Pot

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Continuing our artisan day out, our next stop was a short bus away in Twickenham to the delights of Sandy’s Fishmongers on King Street.

Although Sandy’s is primarily a fishmongers, and a very good one at that, they also do a range of poultry and game,  sausages and even cheeses.

Our first purpose was to pick up some fresh fish for our dinner that evening. We did just that, purchasing some cod fillets, which were excellent coated in seasoned flour and pan-fried. We also got some home-made chipolatas, and some frozen whitebait.

Wild RabbitHowever,  this sign caught my eye before even entering the shop. It’s been some time since I last enjoyed a good rabbit dish, and it’s long been a favorite of mine. Now was the time to rectify that omission.

Rabbit Stew


The rabbit was already skinned, and gutted,  so that made it easier, although I’d have been willing to do these tasks if necessary. As it was all I had to do was cut the rabbit up. Typically, one ends up with five portions. Two hind legs, two front legs, and the saddle, or back.

Rabbit StewInto the frypan went the portions, after covering them with flour seasoned with garlic salt and freshly ground black pepper. Browned on all sides, and then added to the crock pot. A little wine was used to clear the meat juices from the pan, and this was added to the crock pot along with the rest of the wine.

Rabbit StewAlso into the crock pot went freshly chopped garlic, and some bay leaves.

Then a red onion, celery, leeks and carrots were added to the crock pot, and it was cooked on a low setting for 5-6 hours. Result, a very tasty rabbit stew.

Served with mashed potatoes.