The Facebook TOS Issue & The Real Enemy

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As says in her article at Pixelbits, can now do whatever they want to with whatever you post on their site, even after you have left.

Now today, I’ve seen lots of indignant words going back and forth over this issue, on , and Friendfeed, and in numerous .

Now, whilst I’m not saying that everyone should simply roll over and let Facebook run over them; will our protests about the change to their TOS really cause any change to their change?

I think not, any more than all the protests that went on about the ‘old’ . There are approaching 200 million users on Facebook now, and I think it’s true, that for Facebook, there’s .

Heck however, much us geeks, , and online activist types shout about it, most people aren’t even going to read about it, and most that do won’t understand the implications, or even care about it anyway.

I’m am NOT using this as an for at all, but once again, there is that big wall. The wall of Apathy that blights everything that happens on .

That’s the .

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